viaje al infinito sueño solitario

Soon after I moved, the Perro Mucuchíes appeared in my room. I wasn’t expecting this Andean canine to find me, but I had been thinking about him constantly, almost obsessively. Providing guidance and devotion I decided to follow this perro de los páramos (dog of the highlands) directly back to its namesake, directly back to where you can’t see the horizon and sight collides with the mountains…

Oil on linen with custom frame
180 x 620 cm
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Dogs have been our companions for centuries. For just as long, artists have been drawn to these emotional, complex beings, using them to explore questions of bravery, loyalty, and compassion.

In New Dog Old Tricks we present new work by 10 artists, each invited to re-examine these thematic issues, and, most importantly, to imagine the dog as a key to other worlds. Asserting that unconditional love is a fantasy, we observe the bonds between dogs and people transcend conventional exchanges, and we begin to imagine the world through their eyes. Alongside the new artworks, we present significant loans from the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the National Gallery of Victoria and private collections.

The artists in New Dog Old Tricks use the canine to interrogate modes of communication, to re-examine and re-frame mythology, alternative biologies, presenting a menagerie of creatures who resist classification. Here, dogs are our muses, collaborators, guides, protectors, comedians, companions and shrines. This exhibition celebrates the implosion of nature and culture through the intertwined lives of dogs and people.


Photography: Simon Strong