viaje al infinito sueño solitario


(Things before & after)

20 March – 22 April 2017

Presented by Mild Manners
at Special Group Studios

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Nadia Hernandez’ new body of work is informed specifically by the current political climate of her home country, her diasporic experience as a Venezuelan woman living abroad always anchors her practice. Articulated through paper constructions, painting, music, installations, sculptures and murals, her identity allows her, or perhaps encourages her, to create work that negotiates complex political narratives through the personal, the institutional and their intersections.

Nadia’s works are structured yet fluid, solid shapes carefully overlapping, meticulously balanced within their frames to create imagery that seems to wriggle and dance while still operating within their own cohesive visual logic. The composition, shapes and colours speak to, and with, Venezuelan folk art; the visual culture and heritage of her home plays an integral role in the formation of her work and with her understanding of identity.


Photography by Document Photo